About us

Who's Nancy?

Hello! I am a 5 foot 1 Asian girl with a keen heart for learning and trying new things – I attribute my adventurous spirit to my parents. Thanks to them, I grew up in abundance of nature with two sisters as partners in crime to explore the world around us.

From growing up in southern Taiwan, to moving to the mountains in outskirts of Taipei, I had bomb shelters from WWII as a playground, and mountains and creeks as my backyard. I was 10 years old when my family immigrated to Canada and moved to White Rock, British Columbia. This changed my world – and my love for a good adventure continued to grow.

Fast forward 16 years later, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to backpack solo throughout Asia, hike many trails in the Canadian Rockies, road trip to major national parks in the United States and be able live in the beautiful City of Vancouver.

Who's Chris?

Hey! My name is Chris, and I am half British / half Chinese – born and raised in Canada. Yeah, my dad has a British accent, but I don’t :( I’m just a little jelly.

Growing up on Vancouver Island, I have always been surrounded by beautiful wilderness, but definitely took it for granted. My childhood was filled with camping trips every summer, mountain biking with my parents, hiking through the woods and skiing in the winters.

In high school, I went on exchange to Belgium, where I was relatively far away from the ocean, mountains, or anything that wasn’t flat ground. It was during that year that I realized I missed the beautiful scenery from home. I came back to Canada to attend university in Vancouver, where they offered a cheap season’s ski for Whistler to students. A large portion of my undergrad was spent on the ski slopes of Whistler – as a result, my grades may have suffered a bit, but it was well worth it.

Since graduating, I have taken every possible opportunity to travel, from backpacking in Asia for 6 weeks to hopping on flight deals to Iceland and New York to being evacuated from Yosemite when it was on fire in 2018. There have also been a couple ski trips to Hokkaido and Nagano mixed in there – did I mention that I really like skiing?

Our Journey

It all started in 2019

We left the comforts of our 715 sq. ft. shared 2 bedroom apartment, our sentimental valuables, and our professional engineering jobs in Vancouver to explore the world – in search of new adventures, affordable living, amazing views and unique stories on the way. We departed December 2019 and was in Japan for working holiday (powder hunting).

Japow 2020

We chose to do a year of working holiday before Chris turned 30. Japan was our top choice for various reasons aside from the crazy powder it gets in the winter (except the year we were there). Japan normally gets meters of powdery snow and is heavenly for snow sports, but the 2020 season was a disappointment.

The Pandemic Move

Our long-term travel ultimately got cut short because of the pandemic. It was a tough decision, but we decided against renewing our Japanese visa at 6 months to fly home and shelter from the world. Following the millennial covid-move trend, we moved back with Chris' parents. We currently call Qualicum Beach home and are happily exploring Vancouver Island.

Work with us

Think we should work together?

As much as it seems we only play, we like to hustle too (we're millennials, it's in our nature)! Give us a shout for collaborations.

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