February 9, 2020
February 9, 2020

Japow Update

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We are finally starting to get some real snow!!! This is super exciting. Waking up to 30cm of white powder is a junkie's dream of snow is a skiers dream. THIS IS WHY WE CAME TO JAPAN. I mean, the food and culture too. This whole update is going to be dedicated to skiing. Maybe a bit about haircuts as well (due to popular demand).


We have clocked in about 14 days of skiing thus far. It isn't a crazy amount, but we are doing ok. We pick and choose. Powder days - skiing. Sunny days - skiing. Rainy days - sleeping in. You get the idea.

As you all know, Nancy likes to be creative and take photos. This has extended to filming as well now. Unfortunately, our laptops don't quite have the power to push our video editing software...so most of the real editing will have to wait until we are back in Canada. Whenever that is. Anyway, the point is that without powder to take epic photos, Nancy has been trying to think of new ways to get good photos.

This has resulted in several different things. The first one is me riding chairlifts by myself. Sometimes there will be a nice clear blue sky or a mountain in the background and I will be told to go and look pretty on the chairlift so she can get a photo.

The other outcome has been less favorable for my body. Nancy has decided that photos of people going off jumps are also cool. Guess who doesn't ski park? Me. I ski moguls, trees, and deep powder. Not jumps and tricks. "But Chris, you can leeeaaarrrnnnn". Sure, why not? What else do we have youtube for?

Tuesday morning - I rolled over in bed and my neck was screaming in pain and I couldn't move. Guess I pulled a neck muscle trying to do tricks. Oops. Two days later and it was a pow day. Pop an Advil and let's shred some pow.  

Friday - sunny skies with leftover powder from the big dump. Pop another Advil and let's go looking for some powder stashes. Guess what we found? Fresh powder with a kicker at the bottom. Guess I'm doing some jumps.  

Being the narcissist that I am, I love photos of myself skiing. Did I mention that I look good?


We had such a strong response from everyone to see our haircuts. It was crazy. Almost as crazy as the haircuts themselves! You can see how cute Nancy is with bangs in the photo below. Unfortunately, I neglected to take a photo of my Jpop hair before taking a nap on it and then showering... But lucky for you, Nancy took a sneaky picture at the salon.

Otherwise, this is what Chris with regular hair looks like...

Yup, ski goggles and helmet er'day!


The next time you hear from us, you will see photos of my parents in Japan with us. Yes, that's right, things are about to get crazy. My mom is already starting to panic about the coronavirus, but I told her we would be safe because no one in Japan drinks Corona beers. For any prospective visitors who have not bought their tickets yet, maybe wait and see what happens with the virus.  

Table of Contents